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Beginning with the entering Freshman Class of 2023-24 students must earn the following 24 total credits:

English/Language Arts

4 Credits
Mathematics 4 Credits
Science 3 Credits
United States History and Constitution 1 Credit
Economics .5 Credit
United States Government .5 Credit
Another Social Studies Elective 1 Credit
Physical Education,  Junior ROTC, or Marching Band with PE 1 Credit
Computer Science 1 Credit
World Language or Career and Technical Education Elective 1 Credit
Personal Finance .5 Credit
Electives: 6.5 Credits
Includes Comprehensive Health Education Requirements.   
TOTAL 24 Credits


The student must pass a classroom examination on the provisions and principles of the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, and American Institutions and Ideals. This instruction must be given for a period of at least one year or its equivalent, either within the required course in U.S. History and Constitution or within another approved course.

The student must take the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration test as part of the U.S. Government course, provided there is no cost to the school or district for administering the test. Students are not required to meet a minimum score.

The student must pass a high school credit course in science in which an end-of-course examination is administered.

The student must be enrolled for a minimum of one semester immediately preceding his/her graduation except in the case of a bonafide change of residence. Units of credit earned in a summer school program do not satisfy this requirement.

The student must earn the required number of prescribed credits.

When a student's absences from class exceed those allowed by state regulation, the required seat make up recovery will need to be completed in order to receive a credit for the course.   The student may appeal to the principal to excuse absences under the conditions specified in Policy JH and Administrative Rule JH-Student.