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School Improvement Council SIC

SIC Meeting Dates

School Improvement Council 2023-2024

Elected Parents: 6

Laura McKinney, 1st term, 2nd year (23-24), Chair 

Nathan Childs, 1st term, 1st year (23-24), Vice Chair 

Molly Palmer Lowder, 1st term, 2nd year (23-24), Secretary

Edie Gore, 1st term, 2nd year (23-24)   

Mary Higginbotham, 1st term, 1st year (23-24) 

Elizabeth Mathis, 1st term, 1st year (23-24)

Elected Teachers: 3

Grace Abbott, 2023-2024 TOY

Sara Kimberlin, 2022-2023 TOY

Rob Schiferl 

Bob Taylor

Elected Student Reps: 6

Graham Thompson- Student Body President 

Brogdon Ambrose- Senior Class President 

Daniela Mejia- Senior SIC 

Balin Smith- Junior SIC 

Kate Harris- Sophomore SIC 

Caroline Mohon- Freshman SIC

Other Student Participants

Aksel Soggard- Junior President 

Sanders Brown- Sophomore President 

Beckham Diimmler- Freshman President

Appointed Members: 7

Nicholle Burroughs

Jondy Lovelace

Terry Macaluso

Lillian Mood 

Tim Slice 

John Stickney

Chris Watson

Ex Officio Members:

Edward Davis, Principal

Melissa Magee, Assistant Principal of Instruction 

Katie Manning, Assistant Principal 

Courtney Woodham, Assistant Principal 

Bill Robinson, Assistant Principal 

Ronnie Wessinger, Athletic Director 

Tess Pratt, TOY 2019-2020

Lisa Maylath, ALA 

Dawn Weathersbee, Teacher Sponsor

Amy Polk, ALA Booster Club Co-President

Kristin Wetmore, ALA Booster Club Co-President

Barbara Cameron Nix, Band Booster Club President

Peggy Aun, Corus Booster Club President 

James Burns, Eagle Club Booster Club President 

Dawn Froeschner, NJROTC Booster Club President 

Anna Baughman, Orchestra Booster Club President 

Erika Hardee, Dance Booster Club President 

PTSO, Tracey Werts and Jennifer Valek

SIC Meeting Information

  PARKING?   Student SIC members are to park in their normally assigned parking spot.   There are limited visitor spots as you come into the main building and they are located to the left of the main building and there will be a sign stating Visitor.  Please do not park in numbered spots.  These are assigned to Faculty and Staff.  If the visitor spots are filled, as you come into the main entrance, make a right, go up the hill and park in the spots closest to Columbia Ave. 

SIC Bylaws