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Argumentative Assignments

Essentials of Researching and Writing an Argumentative Essay


1. Logic - Visit The Owl at Purdue Website to read about the role of logic in argumentative writing. 
2. Vocabulary -syllogism , fallacy (Definition#2)
3. Also helpful on the OWL site - Structure and guidelines for writing an argumentative paper
4. Identify media bias in sources! Checkout this article featured on the Accuracy in Media website, titled Media Bias in Strategic Word Choice


Locating Relevant and Credible Sources:

DISCUS  - Choose either "Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints" or "Points of View Reference Center" form the "A-Z List" of Resources tab.  These databases are tailored specifically to argumentative assignments.  You will be able to choose/browse from a list of topics or enter your own search terms.

Works Cited Tips - Why not keep a working bibliography of your sources? By having all of your source information formatted you are able to expedite matters when it comes to providing in-text citations and finally creating the works cited in your paper. 

Opposing Viewpoints and Credo Reference (both in DISCUS) work very well with NoodleTools. In Opposing Viewpoints you can click on the citation tools, click on NoodleTools to automatically add the citation to a project (you must be logged in). 

The OWL at Purdue website is a great guide for both APA and MLA formatting - lots of useful information here!

The MLA Handbook, 8th edition, is available in the media center.

Search the Library Catalog!

Search the Library Catalog for series like: Opposing Viewpoints, Current Controversies, Changing Perspectives, Global Viewpoints, In the Headlines, At Issue, Contemporary Issues, Analyzing the Issues, Point; Counterpoint!

Writing an Argumentative Essay

Additional Resources

New Books on Controversial Topics

Topics open for debate! These books are available at the CHS library

Evaluating Resources Using the C.R.A.P. Test

Good questions to ask when checking for relevancy, authority, and purpose! 

Media Bias in Strategic Word Choice

NoodleTools Sign In (MLA & APA Citation Tool)

Subscription access is enabled via username/password. To start using NoodleTools, click the REGISTER button. Then enter the CHS username and password (provided by library staff).