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Getting the Most from Google

Not Google, but Google Scholar

  • Search all scholarly literature from one convenient place
  • Explore related works, citations, authors, and publications
  • Locate the complete document through your library or on the web
  • Keep up with recent developments in any area of research by creating an alert

Search Tips

  1. Logging into your Gmail account will allow you to save articles to your library
  2. Click on the drop down arrow beside the search box to do an advanced search (full browsers only)
  3. Searching "with the exact phrase" is the same as adding quotes around your search Terms
  4. See which publications have cited a particular article
  5. Built-in Citation generator
  6. Click for MORE Google Scholar Search tips

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Searching Google Scholar for Product/Patent Information

Using Search Operators

Useful information about search operators that will help retrieve better Google search results.

Google Advanced Search

Used Google Advanced to narrow results to those which include only those related to your search needs.

Advanced Search Sample